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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Become an Aeroplane Pilot

In becoming an aeroplane pilot, it is best to consider your options first. If you can provide for the big amount of money needed for this, since taking up aviation courses cost too much, then you may want to take your chances applying for distinguished aviation schools outside of Nigeria, such as in the US, Canada or South Africa. The cost for training in the aviation schools of these countries are way too high that some applicants tend to apply for scholarships offered by some aviation companies. If you are lucky enough to pass these scholarships, then you are on your way to becoming an aeroplane pilot.

If you would rather stay and have your aviation training here in Nigeria, you will find some options which you could choose from. One of these would be to apply for an aviation course in the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT).
The school requires you to have a Senior Secondary School Certificate with minimum of 5 credits (Physics, Math, and English Language inclusive), as well as a medical certificate indicating you to be fit for admission. The school offers flying school courses and focuses on training the students for the different licenses one must acquire to become a certified aeroplane pilot. These licenses include Commercial Pilot License, Airline Transport License, and Private Pilot License.

Another option would be to get through an airline to have your aviation training. Some airlines recruit aspiring aeroplane pilots and train them for the different aviation courses, and eventually have them acquire the necessary licenses.
Joining the Nigerian Air Force is probably the best option for all those who want flight training for free. Generally, you have to gain admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy and train to become a military pilot. The training may take some years to be completed but after the training and acquiring the available licenses during the training, you will be able to work in the Nigerian Air Force and be paid according to your rank with some flying bonuses, too. However, the military aviation is different from the civil aviation, so if you quit from the air force and still want to continue with your aviation career, you will have to train again for civil flying. The good thing about this is that you already have the experience in flying from your military career, so the civil training will come easy for you.

In all these options, an aspirant will always get to fly an aeroplane during the training for a specific number of flying hours. The number of flying hours is necessary for certain licenses and certificates. You will also get to learn flying in different conditions as well as topics on aircraft systems, aerodynamics, navigation, weather, aircraft operations and regulations.
Regardless of how you achieved your flight training and licenses, a good aeroplane pilot is someone who knows never to stop from dreaming and achieving his dream of flying. Determination, self-discipline and positive outlook in life will always come handy in every step you take to become a certified aeroplane pilot.

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Thank you very much for the lesson. Let me take out time to consider the options or, are you gonna help me with details about the Nigerian airforce school??

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